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Annual Events in Cozumel, Mexico

Discover some of the top events in Cozumel, Mexico from massive festivals to evening events at local restaurants, and even here at our bar! No matter the time of year, plan an exciting visit to our island community. There‚Äôs something going on all year round, from national festivals that last a week to traditional cultural events that only occur once a year. Join in on the fun at one of our local events! 

Revolution Day | November 20th  

Celebrate lost heroes and Mexico’s Revolution with street festivals, traditional costumes, and many more patriotic events.  

Ironman Competition 

A time-tested host city, Cozumel boasts archeological ruins, white sandy beaches, and endless stretches of turquoise water as triathletes race around the island.

Las Posadas / La Rama | December 16-24th  

Two local and seasonal traditions, Las Posadas is nine nights of songs, marking the biblical journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. Children carry decorated branches from house to house for money or yuletide treats.  

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