Scuba Diving Packages in Cozumel

Reserve one of our diving packages in Cozumel and come visit us at the best diving site in the world! Rich in sea life, the reefs of Cozumel boast crystal clear water with huge coral formations and thousands of different types of fish. Become a Flamingo Diver and explore the beautiful and mysterious underwater world!

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Flamingo Diving Packages

Stay multiple nights in one of our beautiful hotel rooms and spend your days diving around the island! Our scuba diving packages in Cozumel provide divers with comfortable accommodations just steps from the beach and all the equipment necessary for your diving trip!

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Beginner Divers: Get certified in Cozumel, a wonderful environment to learn to dive in warm clear waters all year round. Our in-house PADI dive instructor teaches classes that can be completed in 3-5 days, depending on your pace.

Dive just for the day! We also offer a resort course, which introduces you to the world of diving and can be completed in just three hours. 

Intermediate and Advanced Divers: Our dive operation will take you out to various reefs such as Palancar and Santa Rosa. For the truly adventurous, try the Cenotes of the Yucatan for some of the best Cave and Cavern diving in the world.

Snorkelers: There are plenty of places to go off the shore such as Playa Corona or Chankanaab Park. Snorkeling trips by boat are also available and can be arranged with locals.

Guests may also rent equipment from our hotel and go snorkeling in Cozumel, Mexico at their own pace.

Dive Services

Dive Trip Details

All diving with AQUATIC SPORTS offers the following:

  • Small groups of 6 to 8 divers per trip.
  • PADI NAUI & SSI certified instructors on staff.
  • Smooth rides on modern and well-equipped boats.
  • Impeccable safety record of 30 years.
  • Equipment rental
  • Nitrogen/Oxygen (EANx) tanks available.
  • Lunch on board of native fruit, meat and pastries.

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Personalize Your Dive Trip

Make your scuba trip your own.

  • Certification and specialty instruction available.
  • Your choice of site!
  • Custom dive trips for all levels of experience.
  • Two tank dive day from 8:45 AM – 1:30 PM.
  • Afternoon and night dives by request.

PADI Instruction Cost

All diving with AQUATIC SPORTS offers the following:

  • Introductory Resort Course $120
  • O.W. Referrals w/Boat Dive $280
  • O.W. Certification w/Boat Dive (includes all equipment) $460
  • Advanced Open Water $385
  • Two-tank boat dive (9 AM departure, includes tanks, weight, belt, lunch on board and taxi pickup at 8:30 AM from hotel) $110
  • Night Dive $75

See our packages and special rates.

Diving FAQ

What site will we be diving?

There are many, many sites in Cozumel for diving. The dive master decides which site to dive on the day, based on water conditions such as currents and clarity. He also takes into account which sites that the divers on board has already explored and individual requests to dive at a particular site.

What type of diving is popular in Cozumel?

All diving in Cozumel is drift diving. Divers are dropped off in a group at the reef and the boat follows the bubble trail. At the end of the dive, the boat picks up the divers when they surface. The currents are generally very gentle for a relaxing diving experience

Where are the dive sites?

Cozumel’s reefs lie along the leeward west shore of the island near a vertical drop off into the 12 mile-wide channel between the island and the mainland. Most of the dive sites can be reached by boat in less than an hour.

Ocean Water Information

Waters are kept crystal clear by a strong northward current that also provides a steady flow of nutrients for a multitude of marine life. It is also this same current that makes diving in Cozumel so exciting for divers.

Visibility is consistently good with a range of 100 to 200 feet.

Water temperatures from 75 F in the winter to 85 F in the summer.

Cozumel Dive Sites

Paradise Reef: (Depth: 20 to 50 feet) | Many shallow patch reefs, large brain coral, sea fans and sponges, and a good chance of finding Cozumel’s Splendid Toadfish.

Balones of Chankanaab: (Depth: 60 to 70 feet) | A series of balloon – shaped coral heads. Colorful, abundant marine life, lobster and crab.

Chankanaab Caves: (Depth: 35 feet max) | Excellent beach dive from Chankanaab Park with cold fresh water from limestone caves and warm salt water below.

Yucab Reef: (Depth: 45 to 60 feet) | Excellent 2nd dive. Dense reef full of color and marine life including lobster, eels and crab.

Little Caves: (Depth: 50 to 70 feet) | An interesting dive with many colorful canyons, deep ravines, and crevices.

Palancar Gardens: (Depth: 40 to 70 feet) | Beautiful dive with plenty of color and many nice caverns.

Columbia Shallow: (Depth: 35 feet max)| One of the best shallow dives with large variety of marine life and many coral heads.


Palancar Horseshoe: (Depth: 25 to 125 feet) | Towers of brain, star, and sheet coral heads protrude within 20 feet of the surface.

Tormentos Reef: (Depth: 50 to 70 feet) | Many large coral pinnacles, eels, angelfish, groupers, grunts, and snapper, plus some of the fastest currents.

Palancar Caves: (Depth: 60 to 90 feet) | Excellent tunnels and caves to swim through with abundant marine life.

Columbia Wall: (Depth: 60 to 90 feet) | Huge coral pinnacles, an impressive drop-off, and large marine life such as eagle rays, turtles, and large barracuda.

San Francisco Reef: (Depth: 35 to 50 feet) | One of the shallowest wall dives and very rich with marine life.

Santa Maria Reef: (Depth: 40 to 60 feet) | Many large schools of angelfish.

Santa Rosa Wall: (Depth: 40 to 130 feet) | Popular deep dive with huge coral heads, impressive overhangs, colorful sponges, and a series of swim through tunnels.

Paso de Cedral: (Depth: 35 to 60 feet) | Spectacular cavern, tunnel, and swim through diving, plus eels and groupers that dive masters can feed.

Cedral Wall: (Depth: 50 to 90 feet) | Usually strong current present. Fairly flat, but full of color and marine life.


Punta Tunich: (Depth: 50 to 130 feet) | Often swift current and a long ridge of coral rises from the sand dunes between 40 to 60 feet. Big grouper and playful green moray eels.

Punta Sur: (Depth: 90 to 130 feet) | Home to the famous “Devil’s Throat”, eagle rays, and sharks. Other spots include the cathedral, which is a large cave opening with giant sponges that form a cross in the ceiling of the cave.


Maracaibo Deep: (Depth: 90 to 140 feet) | The southernmost reef on the island and very exposed to current and topside surf. Wall starts at 90 feet and is covered with large orange elephant ear sponges, black coral, and sheet coral. Sharks, rays, and loggerhead turtles swim through the channel.

Barracuda Reef: (Depth: 80 to 100 feet) | This dive site is rarely visited due to rough conditions, even in good weather. The current runs 2 to 3 knots and down currents are not uncommon.

Barracuda lies on the north side of the island. Large schools of fish, turtles, and even hammerhead sharks have been sighted here in the past.

Experience some of the best diving in the world with the help of our scuba diving packages in Cozumel, Mexico at Flamingo Hotel!